Groups of Contractors for Building Projects

In construction projects consultants play a critical role. The main aim of using them is to implicitly help the clients’ expectations. At any stage of a project their support is appreciated.

Construction companies regularly require some of them. Building firms can also hire additional advisors, id necessary, depending on project requirements. In Malaysia engineering companies usually hire the following consultants to assist construction firms in their regular projects.


They are the drawing designers who give their skills professionally to meet a client’s needs. Their primary duty is to design complicated-nature drawings for the project. They assess each operation during construction to comply with the rules and regulations on planning and growth.

Land Surveyors:

Land surveyors are required to level the site. They set a precise route to the target spot. A Land Surveyor’s job is to determine the most reliable methods of construction. They aren’t always needed for every project form, however.

Geo-Tech Engineer:

A geo-tech engineer is responsible for defining the soil class of a site. Soil class identification is required before determining specifications for assembling the foundations of the project. They send the structural engineer an accurate report of the origin of a soil sample.

Structural Engineer:

They are responsible for organising the project structurally. They classify the size and grade of various components, such as beams, columns, bases and many more. Their presence at any point of the structure’s creation is highly appreciated.

Mechanical Engineer:

Such types of engineering consultants are valued in Malaysia for their position outside the construction. They are skilled in providing advice concerning the mechanical arrangement of elements within the project. Very frequently, the tasks they perform within the umbrella of HVAC are refereed to as anything.

Electrical Engineers:

It is the responsibility of electrical engineering contractors to design the overall electrical structure of a house. Their key task is to design power and lighting arrangements, switchboard strategy, circuit safety, cable assortment and assembly of components for telecommunications along with stand-by power generation.

Building Surveyors:

They are responsible for having the construction activities comply with the approved regulations. Everything have to be planned satisfactorily. If the total construction standards have been met, they will grant an occupancy permit to ensure that the structure complies with safety regulations and is able to accommodate.

Energy Rater:

Consultant Energy rater aims to ensure that the project meets its energy requirements. Using software they observe the overall design, thermal efficiency, resources, and types of insulation. If everything stays in compliance with the requirements, the building performance report shall be prepared.

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