What Are the 5 Things That a Deep Clean Should Always Include?

Most individuals have a regular home cleaning regimen that involves basic organising, tidying, and straightening up, but every now and then we need to undertake a deep house cleaning to remove undesired filth, grime, and bacteria. A thorough house cleaning is a great way to reset the energy in your home so you can feel more at ease and healthy while spending time there.

True, deep house cleaning requires a lot of effort, home sanitation and disinfection and for many individuals, it just does not fit in with work, sleep, and pleasure time. When you have time off, you should be able to enjoy doing something you enjoy rather than working on your house, so consider hiring a house cleaning service to complete a full house cleaning and get your house in good shape.

Professional house cleaning services will make your home appear beautiful, but you may be wondering what to anticipate when hiring professional house cleaners to complete a deep cleaning. In such scenario, we’ve written this post to explain what a normal cleaning service would entail when you request a deep house cleaning.

  1. Kitchen
  • Clean and disinfect the garbage can
  • Disinfect the microwave (both inside and outside)
  • Clean and arrange the interior of the refrigerator, and then clean down and sanitise the outside.
  • Clean the top of the stove, including the burners and the hood.
  • Remove soap scum from the interior of the dishwasher, remove the particle filter, and clean the exterior.
  • Clean and polish the sink and faucet.
  • Sanitise the cabinet doors.
  • Clean, dust, and arrange the insides of cabinets.
  • Refrigerator coils should be vacuumed.
  • Mop and sweep the floors.
  • Clean all counters and backsplashes.
  • Clean and polish any cabinet hardware as needed.
  • Disinfect light switches and door knobs.
  • Clear the area beneath the sink.

  1. Dining Room
  • Crown moulding, wall corners, and baseboards should all be dusted and cleaned.
  • Disinfect the dining table, taking care to wipe the surface with the appropriate cleaner.
  • Wipe down all of the seats from top to bottom.
  • Any rugs should be cleaned.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floors.
  • Clean the floors.
  • Get rid of any scuffs on the walls.
  • Fixtures should be kept clean.
  • Place mats should be washed.
  • Fixtures for Clean Lighting.
  1. Bathroom
  • Air vents should be cleaned and dusted.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet and the area behind it.
  • Glass cleaner should be used to clean the mirror.
  • Scrub all of the tile and grout to remove any gunk.
  • Towel racks that are clean
  • Clean all of the faucets and shower heads.
  • Remove the shower/bath drain.
  • Clean the shower door/curtain
  • Clean light switches and the area surrounding outlets.
  • Clear the skylights.
  • Clean the cabinet doors.
  • Organize cabinets and clean the interior and outside.
  • Fixtures should be kept clean.
  • Scrub the bathtub/shower stall thoroughly to remove soap and water stains.

  1. Living Rooms
  • Dust the moulding and ceiling corners.
  • Vacuum the sofa and any other upholstered furniture.
  • Carpets should be vacuumed, rugs should be shaken, and hard surfaces should be swept and mopped.
  • Disinfect light switches and remote controls.
  • Clear electrical displays
  • Framed artwork and mirrors should be dusted and cleaned.
  • Clean the insides of the windows and the window sills.
  • Ensure that all light fixtures and ceiling fans are clean.
  • Move furniture and clean beneath it.

  1. Bedrooms
  • All ceiling corners should be dusted.
  • Wipe down the crown moulding and baseboards.
  • Clean beneath the bed.
  • All lighting should be dusted.
  • Clean the bedside table
  • Dust the tops of closets and dressers.
  • Organize your closet.
  • Carpets should be vacuumed.
  • Hard floors should be swept and mopped.
  • Clean behind the headboard.
  • Clean the interior of the windows.
  • Clean the mattress and box spring.
  • Doorknobs should be cleaned.
  • Ceiling fans and dust light fixtures.

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